LUCEROMagical Renditions in the Spirit of Performance Art


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The Hungry Imagination
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Pasteboard Devices
Coin Menagerie
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For live workshops

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King of hearts

Annex to Pasteboard Devices
& Coin Menagerie
Las Vegas

For previous attendees

PD: Aug. 8-9, 2017 (2-days)
CM: Aug. 10-11, 2017 (2-days)
Both Aug. 8-11, 2017 (4-days)

Annex to PD: $1,400.00
Annex to CM: $1,400.00
Annex to Both: $2.800.00
25% deposit to reserve

Reserve Seat

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10 of clubs

Pasteboard Devices & Coin Menagerie
Las Vegas

PD: Aug. 18-19, 2017 (2-days)
CM: Aug. 20-24, 2017 (5-days)
Both: Aug. 18-24, 2017 (7-days)

PD: $1,400.00
CM: $3,500.00
Both: $4,900.00
25% deposit to reserve

Reserve Seat


Workshop philosophy

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Down arrow Quality

The main concern is quality, the quality of the tools used for constructing magical compositions, the quality of performance, the quality of the sharing process, ultimately the quality of experience gained by those who attend the workshop.

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Down arrow Creativity

In Armando's words, "The goal is to help others become more creative. We usually focus on finding ways to create by using the same tools, however, the tools we use may often limit us; hence structure follows function. Eventually, if we are not careful, the tools we use begin to define us, so in my pursuit to break through these limitations I have endeavored to discover new tools in order to obtain more freedom to create."

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Down arrow Guarantee

A request for a refund may be made within 30 days after completing the workshop. Read: Workshop Policy.

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Down arrow Personal Guidance


"What is often missing in the sharing process is a rite of passage; a continuity of strong impacting experiences that gives us our foundation of who we are. These emotionally charged life-changing transitions are affirmations that solidify our humanity. When we acquire knowledge and wisdom the change may be significant. There is a sense of dignity that comes to us when we put forth great effort to earn something. Anyone who has suffered to reach something extraordinary knows this. These are the intangibles contained intrinsically within us, and what makes us human. It is my goal to make the learning experience a profound one. Personal guidance can help make the difference, hence the workshops."


Down arrow Secrecy

An additional concern and priority is preserving the secrecy of the taught information so that it remains special. To that end, everyone who attends the workshop must sign a non-disclosure license agreement that our lawyers have prepared. Plus, the price is set to attract only the serious. If you are looking for inspiration to stimulate your side ways type of thinking, if you want to acquire new powerful tools, can keep a secret and understand why, then you may benefit from the workshop.


Down arrow Protection

Armando's work is protected not only by the United States copyright law but also California’s version of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act in conjunction with the confidentiality/license agreement prepared by legal counsel ( This gives Armando legal protection from those who venture to perform his material on television, the internet (e.g., YouTube), or any other media form without permission.


Down arrow Publishing?

"Knowledge is power and in our vocation of magical arts the power of a secret is self-evident. That being said, current media technology has made it exceedingly difficult if not impossible to keep secrets. Business minded and/or ego driven young entrepreneurs easily dispense secrets. The debate between free speech versus intellectual property is never-ending. Certainly information wants to get out and probably will. What concerns me is in the way it gets out. There is also the question of principle. How does one preserve a secret and simultaneously release it to the masses? Public-secret is an oxymoron. Publishing by definition means to make the information generally known to the public therefore I choose not to publish. Nevertheless, I cannot nor do I want to stop the flow of information. What I can do, while I still have the opportunity, is choose the manner of dissemination."


Down arrow Sharing

"I have seen what happens to those who do not share anything. I have seen what happens to those who share everything with anyone. I do not like the results in either case. So, In accordance with my search to find a better way to share the knowledge, to preserve the integrity of the magic and give others some semblance of a rite of passage, I have done the following things...

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Put up a cost that demands a greater commitment.
  • Limit the class to small groups for greater person-to-person interaction.
  • Only give notes to those who attend the workshop.
  • Require all attendees to sign a confidentiality agreement legally obliging them to never reveal the secrets taught."


Up arrow Promise

"I make no promises about one's potential to master the lessons. On the contrary, I urge anyone with doubts not to participate. I do, however, believe strongly in the value of the work. The potential of these techniques to assist in one's goal to create well - crafted compositions of legerdemain have already been tried, tested, and proven. What I do promise is to share the knowledge as best as I am able. After that, success depends on each individual."

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Various reviews

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Down arrow Alan Buckley (card workshop)

Yes, I have two fantastic new sleights to work on and explore, but I have a deeper insight into how to create a magical experience for people and that is far more valuable...
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Down arrow Alex Stone (card and coin workshop)

Armando Lucero is a master in the highest sense of the word. His devotion to the art of magic is without parallel. Not only is he a gifted inventor -- a brilliant, creative mind -- and a technical wizard when it comes to executing difficult sleights...
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Down arrow Anson Chen (card and coin workshop)

In the workshop, students do not only learn about magic, we learn about philosophy theatre, art and life...
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Down arrow Ben Seidman (card and coin workshop)

As someone who makes his living solely as a magician, the workshop was and is the best investment I've made as a sleight - of - hand performer, period...
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Down arrow Bj Bueno (coin workshop)

Armando Lucero is a lucid teacher who helps you define what magic is...
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Down arrow Chuck Rubey (coin workshop)

Armando also teaches “presence”, the art of turning a card trick into a mystical experience...
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Down arrow David Jones (card workshop)

I first saw Armando Lucero at FISM in Den Haag in 2003. He totally “blew me away”, as the saying goes. Not only because he fooled me badly with many of his routines, but also because he presented his magic in a totally refreshing manner...
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Down arrow David Tholander

Coin Menagerie

Armando is a great teacher. Very pedagogically, he manages to convey extremely complex principles that make up the foundation of his magic. His views and passions for magic are contagious...
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Pasteboard Devices

The philosophy of the magic was on a whole other level. It was so good that I find it hard to describe in words – it has to be experienced...
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Down arrow Frank Klein (card workshop)

At Magic Live #2 in Las Vegas, I saw Armando Lucero perform an effect called Empanada. I cannot recall a magic effect that had more impact on me than this effect...
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Down arrow Ian Rowland (witness)

Quite possibly the most impressive, most magical, most impossible, most entertaining piece of card magic theatre I've ever seen, and in Armando's hands a work of enduring beauty and mystery. If Mozart had created card tricks, this is what they'd look like...
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Down arrow Jason Flores (card workshop)

I now use Empanada as a closer for my close up show. It's that strong!!!...
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Down arrow Jerome Finley (card and coin workshop)

The” Coin Menagerie” by Armando Lucero is literally breathtaking. Quite simply, it was the most profound and perfect piece of magic I had ever witnessed...
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Down arrow Jerry Serlin (card and coin workshop)

One thing for sure, neither I nor any of the other attendees were bored for even a minute....
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Down arrow John Dahlinger (card workshop)

This workshop provides tools, routines and philosophies for serious performers...
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Down arrow Mac King / Los Angeles Times (witness)

It was the sort of thing where you go, 'Holy f***, I have no idea...
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Down arrow Michael Vincent (card workshop)

From a personal point of view, my goal was to learn his routine, “The Empanada” at any cost. This routine for me fulfilled all the criteria I look for when selecting powerful material for my professional programs...
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Down arrow Ralph Cos (card workshop)

Today, almost three years later, I can confirm that the material is practical and convincing. The sleights can be mastered with thorough practice...
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Up arrow Tim Conover (witness)

Having witnessed the miracle on two separate performances, I found myself unable to determine a way to duplicate the feat...
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